Living on the beach

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I just recently moved from the high rise Ive been living in to a classic little place opposite the beach. One of the great things about that is when the conditions are right, I can  just grab my housing and walk out the front door in my wetsuit and shoot a few … pretty cool These are some of the little beach breaks out the front yesterday 20th June...

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The swell keeps coming … and coming. More photos from the Super Bank and Snapper Rocks to Kirra April 20th

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The swell keeps hanging around… It seems like the waves havent got under 3 feet for over 2 months now. There were great waves over the weekend . I didnt pick up the camera on the weekend but had a great surf at Duranbah and surprised myself by picking up a few nice peaks in the school holiday crowd. Shaun Harington was out there ripping on an old brown board. I saw him on one wave, backdoor the peak taking off pigdogging goofy (switchfoot) and then switch foot back,...

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A few shots of the Super bank off Big groyne Kirra Monday 6th April

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Theres been a lot of talk about Kirra being back….. Well Im here to tell you that’s all a load of crap. There’s still billions of tons of sand filling in the break that was once the infamous Kirra. Sure theres been some great waves out in front of the Big groyne lately, courtesy of cyclone Jasper. But the reality is if you went any further down the line, from Big groyne, it was almost impossible to take off without Jetski assistance. Sure you can call it...

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Surf in Italy??…Naaaahhh..Maybe??

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A few years ago if anyone had told me that there was good surf in Italy, I would have laughed. That was before I met a guy who gave me the lowdown on whats happening in the way of surf in Italia…. Paolo D’angelo Paolo is 3 times Italian open surf champion. The last time he won was actually a few years ago, in 2003. He’s  been living in Australia, married to an Aussie girl for quite a few years now. He surfs the Gold coast points regularly and is out in the...

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In search of Michael Peterson a Review by Martin Tullemans

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The release and premiere of the movie ‘Searching for Michael Peterson’ truly struck a bottom turn in my heart. It was not your usual pump up the hydraulic plumbing macho fluid stuff. Sure the rip tear and lacerate of ‘MP’ the father of modern high performance surfing was…….  oh yeah baby!!!…. Show me the money!!!  But it also had a humanity   and respect for Michael’s condition that set it a cut above. Jolyon Hoff the producer needs to be applauded and...

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Michael Peterson, Classic old Collectible autographed photos of MP taken by Legendary Photographer Marty Tullemans

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Michael Peterson or MP as he was known, was the best surfer in the world for three years in the early seventies.No arguments there!! Every contest he entered he won. He was, without a doubt the most dominant force in surfing at the time. Unfortunately the demons that taunted him made him less than appealing to the power brokers in the fledgling Pro Surfing circuit. Michael shunned the limelight and was only keen to take the money and run… in return he was shunned by...

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