Cafe Le Monde and Max Judo

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Lucas Proudfoot of Max Judo plays the didgeridoo at Cafe La MondeI got an email on Thursday afternoon, inviting me to a surf art and memorabilia charity auction that was on that night.
It was being held at Le Monde Cafe a very groovy little establishment in the base of the new  ‘Kirra Surf’ building.

There may be better ways to spend a balmy summer evening but I couldnt think of one at the time so I trotted off down there as quick as I could..Turned out to be a great decision!!

The Auction was organised  to raise money for the victims of the massive floods in Fiji and also the raise more funds for the Bush Fire Appeal.

A few people scored bargains in the auction , but unfortunately most items were passed over.

Bobby Blue started off the entertainment with some nice Blues and Jazz tunes…
he was accompanied on several numbers with Julian Hogdens.

The North Coast band Max Judo came on and got the place rocking.
Ive never seen these guys play before but Ive heard a lot about them.

Max Judo

I was honestly  blown away by how good they really were… Every song they played was worthy of a live Album……
They really have a tight proffessional act , It’s no wonder they’ve started to do well internationally. Touring in the U.S for half the year…
Make sure you check out their web site and read about what theyve been up to…

Later in the evening the beautiful Fijian ladies who had flown up from Sydney came on stage to sing some island style harmonys. A perfect way to wind down the night.

Over all it was a great night, with great music, in a great venue with great atmosphere..