Morgan Marshall will lead the Broncos onto the field tonight at Suncorp stadium

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Last year a friend and old Kirra legend , Kerry Gill approached me about donating a few photos for a Memorabilia Charity auction.
The event was organized to raise funds for a young boy named Morgan Marshall from Yamba who is having the fight of his life against a terrible sickness called Leukemia.

I donated a couple of shots of Kelly, Parko and Mick Fanning.
And between me and Kerry we managed to get them all autographed and I was quite proud that they fetched a good price and went towards helping Marshall in his fight.

After the auction, I sent a message to Beau Walker alias ‘Nitro‘ from the kid’s afternoon show ‘The Shak‘ and asked if he could drop in and see Marshall.

Well, within a few days I received a phone call from Marshall’s dad overwhelmed with emotion thanking me because ‘Nitro‘ had turned up at the hospital laden with gifts and stayed for an hour.
Nitro‘s unexpected visit had really lifted Morgan’s spirits.
I was pretty stoked that a small thing like a text message could reap such great rewards

I just received this email below from Kerry and apparently Marshall is still battling this terrible disease, but something special is happening for him tonight……..

G’day Everyone… Breaking News

Little Leukaemia Patient Ten year old Morgan Marshall will lead the Brisbane Broncos onto the ground along side his idol Darren Lockyer against St George tonight at Suncorp Stadium.

With every thing being ok, Morgan who was still in his hospital bed on Wednesday said, if Gilly (QLD Legend Trevor Gillmiester) can get out of bed to lead QLD to victory, I will be trying my hardest to be well enough come Friday night.

How Tuff Is This little Guy… Morgan you bring a tear to my eyes mate.

Your Simply The Best, Your Better Than All The Rest.

Enjoy The Big Occasion, You Deserve To Be There.

Yours Truly
Kerry Gill….

PS. I have just spoke to Morgan’s dad & Morgan received his little Broncos Jumper from Darren Lockyer himself yesterday, Darren’s wise words to Morgan were… Just Don’t Slip Over Mate, Were Counting On You To Show Us The Way.

Once again a Big Thank You To All who have help with the fundraising in the past… Lets Go Morgan.

So if your up at the game tonight give Morgan a huge cheer from me..
and if you see him on TV …spare a moment to think of how lucky we are to be healthy while this brave kid has the fight of his life on his hands…..

Nitro is also an incredible surfer and could easily be on the tour if it wasnt for his work on ‘The Shak

I would also like to add a big thank you to Kerry Gill who has been relentless in his efforts to help Morgan and his family