Photos from Snapper Rocks, Greenmount, Kirra February 3rd 2009

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Surf boat CoolangattaI finally managed to get in the water at Snapper on Tuesday…of course I missed it!..
The day before on Monday it was absolutely pumping through the beach at Coolangatta, kegging right down past big groyne at Kirra.
There wasn’t much current so I swam / drifted all the way from Snapper Rocks down past Kirra…
I got a few pics of the surfers on the way through Rainbow, but got down to Coolangatta beach pretty quickly.
It was pretty spooky and sharky down there as I was on my own …swimming….( a man was attacked by a Great White less than a kilometre from here only a few weeks ago), but I hung in there and tried to get the shot.. I didn’t want millions of surfers cluttering up the picture!
I was after the classic ‘in the tube looking out’ shot …….looking out of the barrel into the sunset. So I had to get away from the crowd
Unfortunately I didn’t get what I was after, the waves weren’t big enough, but scored a few nice ones anyway.
So as the sun was setting I decided to make the swim to the beach, over the deep, sharky gutter between me and the shore.


So here I am, lying on my back kicking my fins and making good progress across (in my mind) the shark filled channel….
I don’t mind being on a board at this time of night but when your whole body’s immersed in the water, you tend to feel a little vulnerable.
I was shitting myself! Every ripple, every ‘darker than normal’ shape in the water …was a potential prehistoric predator…..coming to swallow me whole!!!!!!..
Then all of a sudden a surf boat came smashing over a wave right near me.
Slapping me back in to reality.
They obviously hadn’t seen me and I was lucky they hadn’t run me over…
Aaaaah the perils of shooting the Super bank!!!
It was almost dark when I got to shore, relieved, legs like jelly; I started the long walk back to Snapper and the car. …..