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The first time I saw Tim Bonython was at the North Cronulla pub, I think it was 1979…… He was travelling around Australia with a projector screening his super 8 films.
One of my mates christened him Tim ‘Monty Python’. Not exactly a compliment on his comedic abilities but more a jealous dig because of the interest his girlfriend was showing in the young blonde, film maker from ‘out of town..’
Tim would talk live commentary through the super eight screening. The footage was raw and entertaining.
It’s funny what you remember after all those years ago. What comes to mind is the running battle Tim had that night, with a hair that kept working its way onto the projection light all through that screening.
Around 30 years later and Tim is one of the most accomplished film makers in the surf industry.
“Indefatigable surf video-maker from Sydney who worked his way into surf movie making in the late 1970’s and early eighties by showing home edited Super-8 films at Local pubs.”
Matt Warshaw – The Encyclopedia of Surfing

I went along to Tim’s new ‘SOULED OUT SURF FILM FESTIVAL’ and left the theatre feeling stoked and itching for surf……. Which is exactly how you want to feel after a Surf movie…right?
The festival consists of three segments.
The first section is a compilation of beautiful scenes, sunsets and waves shot by Tim Bonython.
I loved this section it showcased the visual arty side of surf films….  A lot of film makers will over do it with this sort of stuff boring the viewers. But this was done just right..Enough to entice the audience to stay glued to their seats and wait for the next section, without being too long and starting them yawning…..
The second film of the festival ‘Surfing 50 States’. Is a video journal of two Australian Surfers, travelling through every state of America.
This is not your classic ‘all time’ surf movie…but it is a lot of fun. It brought back a lot of old travelling memories for me.
The best thing about this film is the warmth and hospitality of the American people who take these crazy young guys in and help any way they can.
A Classic Fun Movie!!
Check out the trailer below.

The third instalment and finale of the Festival is a film by American Teenage Wiz-Kid film making sensation Cyrus Sutton.
Called ‘Under The Sun’.. The movie is a comparison of two Australian Cities, which are less than an hour’s drive from each other. The Gold Coast (Surf Industry, Skyscrapers, Big City Ideals) and Byron Bay (Surf Industry Hippy Trippy, Feral, country vibe, soul surfing community).
See the trailer below and read Marty Tulleman’s review below that.

Dan Howard

The movie struck a bottom turn in my heart. Not since the days of being a grommie stoked  on  the ‘once in a blue moon’  surf movie show  when it  came to town, was the vibe and buzz of surfing  so  refreshed  in  me.
Admittedly an overdose of too many corporate surf DVDs had me burnt out on the whole overdone surf company, surf brand promo, advertorial, shonky DVD thang.

Cyrus’s balance of the mix was way cool. A tasteful collage of characters, from both sides of the free riders and the spono-ed brigade with equal airplay.
IN APPROACH AND ATTITUDE kept it fair and diverse. His varied textural usage of effects, angles and the kiddie like animation assured the ‘take the piss factor ‘ was alive and well. Rasta’s soul surfing was state of the art .
The historical use of surf photographers slides and archival footage made it a panoramic sweep of town and country lifestyles of Byron and the SOLD (Gold) Coast..

A very solid nine out of ten.
Martin Tullemans

The Festival is now moving to South Australia then W.A. Check out the session times and details here