Surfing at Dream World, Gold Coast, Australia

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Pro surfer Samantha Cornish gave me a ring recently and invited me along on a Promo shoot for her soon to be released clothing brand.
Award winning film maker Angus Muir of Firestorm Films also along as well shooting video
Of course I started the day off running late but managed to make it to Sam’s in time for a coffee and a ride up to Dream World with her.
First stop was White water World where we were to meet the crew from Get Wet Surf School with a bus load of learner surfers and another women’s pro surfer Stacey Holt, from North Stradbroke island.
After introductions, the crew hit the water and got the lesson underway.
Scotty from get Wet was running the lesson….. I don’t know how many coffees this guy has before work, but I bet they’re all triple shots!!
He definitely loves his job and his infectious enthusiasm was on show when he would hoot every one of his pupils waves!!.In fact I swear he was so excited he would hoot anything that moved.
“Yeeeeeeeew  good wave Josh!!”…..
“Wooooooooo what a wave!!Wooooooooo…..
Yeeeeew!!! Did you see that seagull!!!!
Woooooooo …I need to go grocery shopping on the way home!!!!!!
Just kidding……….
The enthusiasm from Scotty and the rest of the Get Wet’s Surf School crew was incredibly infectious and before too long, those along for the lesson were hooting and laughing just as hard as they were..
Sam and Stacey fitted right in as well and couldn’t wipe the smiles from their faces as they pushed some of the kids on to the waves.

The wave pool itself is a great set up but not really for the serious surfer, more for beginners and waders.
The ankle to knee high waves are perfect for the ‘first time ever surfer’ to get a feel of what a wave will feel like underneath his feet and a surfboard.
It also takes out the unpredictability factor of the ocean.
If you’re interested in having a go at surfing, but are bit worried about giving it your first go in the ocean, then these lessons are for you.
It’s perfect for building confidence before having a go on an ocean wave.
And it’s definitely a hoot!!
We said our goodbyes to the Get Wet crew and were snuck through a back gate into Dream World where we had the Flow Rider booked for an hour.
Sam and Stacey had a go and went ok, having more wipe outs than success, but both declared ‘Its way different from Surfing and more difficult than you think.’

A young lady named Renee, who worked there, gave the girls a few quick lessons and tips.
And after that she laid down some huge moves that blew everyone away. I would love to see how she goes on a wave because I can tell you she absolutely rips the bag out of that Flow Rider!!!!

After a quick bite to eat we headed down to Snapper Rocks t try and get some surfing footage. But the summer crowd was already maxed out and the waves were tiny so we went for the better option of Duranbah.
The waves were average but I stilled scored a nice sequence of Sam’s round house cutback and re-entry off the white water
Over all it was a great day and I scored hundreds of great photos.
I’ve picked a few out and posted them here in this gallery below.